Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Utility Belt

Every month I give a presentation to my company's development team. For Decembers presentation, I asked for the group to have a think about the tools and utilities that make their (development) life easier. I gave each developer up to 5 minutes (per tool) to present to the team, focussing on "what is it, where is it, why they have found it useful".

This session was aimed to help increase awareness of some of their great finds and to encourage their adoption. I presented two tools (orca and wilogutl) from the Windows Installer SDK and a one page stocking filler. The presentation went really well, achieved its objectives and received some great feedback. A nice by-product of this session was that it helps build confidence across the entire group.

Extract From Presentation

As long as your company policy and the product licence allows it. Please share your love of the utilities that make your life easier with your co-workers. If they are good for us, they may be good for them too and ultimately make your department more productive.

Remember, Batman doesn't need super powers, but he does rely on some great tools in his utility belt.

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