Monday, 12 January 2015

Why have a blog

I decided to have a little think about this when I saw the latest stats for my blog posts. I was a little concerned I was getting relatively few views on my content.

These stats made me think about why I was blogging, and I realised that for me the blog is a form of expression, it's a place where I can record some observations, share information with others and project an identity.


You should always reflect on your recently completed work. By understanding the pain points of recent projects, we have an opportunity to build on our successes and learn from any failings. The blog is a great way to document some of what you have observed through this process.


You can't force people to be interested in the things that interest you. But the chances are, if they're reading your posts, then they are part of the same sphere of people and may have overlapping interests. So when you find a stash of online books or come across an interesting article, don't keep it to yourself, broadcast it.


In a global company, we can be seen more by our persona than our real self. Therefore, regardless of how great you may think you are in real life, the perception of you as an individual may be "one of the drones in sector 7G". Your blog allows people to understand who you are, and what interests you.

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